Electric trains and traction substations

A type of rolling stock that is powered by an external overhead line using pantographs. Unlike other types of locomotives, electric trains are capable of fast acceleration and slowing down, are relatively quiet and do not pollute the environment.

Urban electric transportation

Public city transport using electricity as the main source of energy and driven by an electric motor. Its main advantage over traditional transport with external and internal combustion engines is high performance and environmental friendliness.

Renewable energy

Generation of power from renewable sources. The basic principle of using renewable energy is to extract it from the processes constantly occurring in the environment and provide it for technical use. Renewable energy is obtained from naturally replenished resources such as sunlight, wind, rain and tides.

      Oil and gas industry

Heavy industry which includes search and exploration of gas and oil fields, drilling, oil and gas production, and transportation of extracted resources.

      Vessels with electric propulsion

It is a type of water transport that involves moving, storing and processing various kinds of cargo. An important share of this industry is represented by solutions based on electric drive.

      Special equipment

Equipment and devices for various purposes. Special equipment is used to solve specific problems in a wide variety of areas: construction, agriculture, utilities, etc.

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Specialized equipment equipped with welding sources. Robots allow to create metal structures of any complexity. This type of equipment is widely used in large industrial enterprises from various industries.

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Power Supplies

Emergency power sources that allow equipment to stay online after a disconnection or failure of the main electrical network.

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      Induction heating and melting

It is a method of contactless heating of electrically conducting materials with high-frequency, high-amperage currents.

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