Urban Transportation

This industry involves public city transport using electricity as the main source of energy and driven by an electric motor. Its main advantage is high performance and environmental friendliness.

Electric transportation is one of the primary methods of commuting within a city – it accounts for 15 to 50% of all passenger traffic. Urban passenger electric transport includes trams, trolleybuses, subways, electric trains, monorails, funiculars, electric buses, etc.

One of the main components of electric transport is its traction drive, where power semiconductors are used. The electric traction drive consists of an AC or DC electric motor, a converter and an energy storage device. This component is intended for energy-saving environmentally friendly drive of urban public transport powered by various energy sources.

Auxiliary converters are another common application of power semiconductors. This device is designed to power auxiliary systems like control and lighting circuits, microclimate systems, exchange of information with higher-level systems, as well as other carriages with a failed auxiliary converter.

Power semiconductors have various designs. Proton-Electrotex makes semiconductor devices for urban transportation in modular, stud and disc housings.

Proton-Electrotex offers a wide range of customization options based on individual customer requirements to technical parameters, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department for more info or leave us your message online.




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