Renewable energy

Renewable or "green" energy is the energy generated from energy resources that can replenish or are practically inexhaustible.

The basic principle of using renewable energy is to extract it from the processes constantly occurring in the environment and provide it for technical use.

Renewable energy is obtained from natural resources such as sunlight, water currents, wind, tides and geothermal heat which are replenished naturally.

Renewable energy support programs and reduction in the cost of related technologies resulted in a growing share of renewable energy sources in the global energy balance. Their share keeps steadily increasing, and for the last 20 years there has been a trend towards higher use of solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, etc.

Proton-Electrotex manufactures power semiconductors for various applications in renewable energy. IGBT modules made by Proton-Electrotex are widely used in solar and wind power engineering.

Solar power plants generate power by heating a surface that absorbs the sun's rays and then distributing and using the heat. Concentrating solar systems are a special type of solar energy plants, where the energy of the sun's rays is focused into a concentrated beam of light using a system of lenses and mirrors. This beam is used as a source of thermal energy to heat up the thermal transfer fluid.

Wind power plants convert the kinetic energy of air masses in the atmosphere into electrical, mechanical, thermal, or any other form of energy that is convenient for use. As a rule, this process is carried out using wind generators, windmills, sails, etc. Wind energy is practically inexhaustible, readily available and environmentally friendly. IGBT modules manufactured by Proton-Electrotex are widely and successfully used in frequency converters and auxiliary converters for wind power plants.

Power semiconductors have various designs. Proton-Electrotex makes semiconductor devices for the renewable industry in several housings.

Proton-Electrotex offers a wide range of customization options based on individual customer requirements to technical parameters, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department for more info or leave us your message online.


  • Power semiconductors for renewable energy
  • Strengths of devices made by Proton-Electrotex
    • In-house development
    • Complete production cycle
    • Close cooperation with suppliers
    • Ability to make custom products



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