Меasuring equipment for power semiconductors 

Turnkey Solution


We would like to introduce you our turnkey measuring solution. You could see diagram of the solution. Proton-Electrotex provides simple manual systems and fully automated measuring systems. ATSM (automated measuring system for modules) is operating for 4 years at our production facility. All measuring systems are connected to the corporate computer network. All measured data is downloaded from measuring systems manual and automated by main server in automatic mode. This means that all data will be stored centralized and will be always up to date.

Actually, measuring profiles, security policy could be controlled and uploaded to the measuring system centralized also.  No out of date data, no different settings any more. Barcode scanners connected to the measuring systems will provide information about DUT. It could be serial number or type of device. Then, system requests measuring profile and special settings from main server in automatic mode, so operator does not able to make any wrong measurements.

Moreover, special analytic software could be installed on every PC connected to the corporate computer network. With this software, different reports could be composed and printed on the corporate blanks. It is easy to make statistic analytics and carry out statistic parameters control (SPC).

Main server could be connected to the corporate systems such as ERP or BPMS to download settings and upload measuring data for example. Finally, all data could be translated to the company’s web site. Therefore, customers would be able to get precise characteristics of their devices by serial number. Proton-Electrotex could maintain completely turnkey solution, or only some parts.

By providing completely turnkey solution, we mean not only a perfect solution, but also we mean cost efficiency. Which could be achieved because Proton-Electrotex is a developer and manufacturer of all these systems, but not just an integrator.

Main features:

  1. Modular design makes it possible to select equipment for the required task. There is no need to invest funds in a wide range laboratory tester.
  2. Cost efficiency upgrade. Let me explain with example. If there is a need to measure devices that are more powerful or need to measure another parameter, new measuring units have to be plugged in to increase capacity or to measure new parameter. This means, that upgrade would be very cost effective
  3. Easy maintenance. . It is possible to carry out service works consequently: unit by unit. Shutting down of whole system is not needed. All units are plug and play devices, so time delays will be minimized. System is able to work without one or few units.

System is able to work without one or few units. Modular measuring systems measures bipolar devices diodes, thyristors and IGBTs in different packages like disks, studs, modules and semiconductor. Moreover, we are going to study needs in measuring equipment for power stacks, and provide special measuring solutions for such needs. On the picture, you could see the appearance of the system. I would mention that all systems are assembled in standard industrial 19” racks.


Generally, application could be separated into three areas. First and the largest area is production. All manufacturers of PSD use measuring equipment to control production processes. Also, measuring equipment is applied to perform parameters grading. In addition, the most common application is production quality control. At the Proron-Electrotex over 20 systems are used only in quality control purposes. Next area is maintenance companies, who fix electrical equipment with PSD. The main applications are wear evaluation and precise replacement selection. For example, railway repayment depots, or mining dump trucks service station could use our equipment.


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