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JSC “Proton-Electrotex” is the manufacturing company with business in the development and the production of the power semiconductors and the power stacks.

The mass-produced products are the following:

  • The power diodes and thyristors in the module, stud, and disc housings;
  • The IGBT-Modules;
  • The heatsink systems for the power semiconductors;
  • The gate drivers;
  • The power rectifier and inverter units, the AC switches.

The Technical Support Department provides support for the customers in general technical issues and during the process of the development of converter devices:

  • The calculation of the thermal and electrical characteristics of the power semiconductors;
  • The selection of the products based on the requirements of the customers, the analogous devices used, and the operating modes;
  • The analysis of the causes of failure during the operation.

In addition to the mass-produced products, our company develops and manufactures products according to the individual requirements of the customers, including the following:

  • With a specific combination of the electrical characteristics for various applications, i.e. with the enhanced voltage isolation, with a selection of the devices by the specified parameters for parallel or series connection;
  • The development and production of the semiconductor parts “from scratch”, according to the special requirements of the customer;
  • The development and production of the Power Units, which include the semiconductor devices, the gate drivers, the heatsink system, the protection circuits, the sensors, and the power buses.

The company founded in 1996 – today is the leading manufacturer of the power semiconductors in Russia. It is the winner of the Russian national awards “TechSuccess” and “National Champions”, and of the All-Russian program “100 Best Goods of Russia” in the category “Products for Industrial and Technical Purposes”.

Our mission is to provide the customized solutions that meet the up-to-date quality and reliability requirements for various applications:

  • Railway and subway transportation;
  • Solar and wind energy;
  • Electric drives;
  • Uninterruptible power supply;
  • Welding equipment.

The compliance with the quality and reliability requirements is ensured and monitored throughout the entire product life cycle.

At the product development stage with the use of:

  • The modern simulation methods;
  • The PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) approach;
  • The FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) methods.

At the production stage with the use of:

  • The top quality components and materials of well-known suppliers;
  • The unique technologies, such as the proton and electron irradiation;
  • The patented production and testing equipment;
  • The skills of the highly qualified workers.

At the product delivery stage with the use of:

  • The logistics system that ensures the on-time and safe delivery of the products to the customers.

History of the company:

Company history

  • 1996

    The year when Proton-Electrotex was founded. The company was created by specialists having vast experience in microelectronics. The first independent project of the new team was production of fast semiconductor devices in 1996.

  • 1997

    In 1997 due to growing demand for pre-fabricated assemblies with heat sinks the company launched mechanical production. As soon as by the end of 1997 more than 10 000 of various power assemblies were delivered to customers.

  • 2001

    Proton-Electrotex established contacts with GvA Leistungselektronik GmbH that became our first foreign representative. Today Proton-Electrotex has more than twenty representatives all over the world

  • 2002

    Ecological management of the company was certified according to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2004

  • 2003

    Launch of power semiconductors in module packaging

  • 2006

    Trading House Proton-Electrotex was created to provide our foreign partners fast, high quality service. Today it includes more than twenty high-qualified specialists in marketing, sales, purchase and logistics of semiconductor devices

  • 2007

    Ecological management of the company was certified according to requirements of international standard ISO 14001

  • 2011

    Launch of Measurement equipment

  • 2015

    Launch of Power Stacks

  • 2016

    Launch of MIAA and MIFA modifications of IGBT modules. Previously 95% of IGBTs were imported to Russia from abroad

  • 2021

    Certification of business management system according to the requirements of the international standard IRIS

  • 2021

    Launch of MIHA modifications of IGBT modules with enhanced isolation voltage




Address: 19 Leskova Str., Orel, 302040, Russia, room 27, off. 14

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