At Proton-Electrotex, we understand how crucial the right selection of power semiconductor devices. In this section, you can register a service case, find technical documentation for products, seek advice from specialists, submit an application for the development of devices according to individual technical requirements.

Our goal is to provide you not only with high-quality products but also with professional support at all stages of your project. 

Selection of power semiconductor devices for various operating modes

Each case of devices’ selection must be considered individually. It is important to pay attention to speed, switching frequency, the ability to maintain stable performance in difficult conditions and etc. Choosing the right device that meets the technical requirements and operating conditions ensures high system performance, minimization of losses, and an increase in component lifespan.

Development of power semiconductor devices according to individual requirements

Standard solutions may not always meet the unique needs of various applications and industries hence our team of engineers is ready to develop semiconductor devices that perfectly match your requirements for efficiency, reliability, and cost. The production capacity allows to develop a device with a specific combination of electrical characterisitcs, to manufacture specialized wire connections, develop power units, including semiconductor devices, control drives, cooling system, protection circuits, sensors, buses. 

Selection of analogs of power semiconductors

We understand how important it is to be able to replace components without losing quality and efficiency, especially in situations of limited access to foreign products or the need to optimize costs. The customer technical support service of Proton-Electrotex JSC provides services for the selection of analogues of products from different manufacturers. While selecting relevant products operating modes of the semiconductor device, the characteristics of the original analogue, as well as the field of application of devices in which the semiconductor device will be applied are analyzed.  

Request for advice

While using power semiconductors manufactured by JSC Proton-Electrotex, various issues, related to the specific use of products, may arise. The company's technical specialists will advise you on all emerging issues and help you solve them in the shortest possible time. Moreover, recommendations on the use of products of JSC Proton-Electrotex are available for the company's customers, where you can find answers to the most common questions related to the peculiarity of operating power semiconductor devices.  

Useful information:

Recommendations for the use of power semiconductor devices contain useful information about the design features of devices, the main parameters and characteristics, construction types, installation features of power semiconductor devices manufactured by Proton-Electrotex JSC.

In the catalog of articles, scientific works of technical specialists of Proton-Electrotex on the most pressing topics in the field of power electronics are available for you. You can study the works of manufacturing power semiconductors, improving specifications and developing new products.

A detailed product range of Proton-Electrotex with its technical characteristics, main advantages and features is available in the product catalog.



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