IGBT modules

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IGBT modules

Product status: Active
VCES [V]: 1700
ICnom [A]: 75
Chip technology: Trench-FS
Configuration: Half-Bridge
Qualification: Industrial
(width/length) [mm]:
MIFA (34/94)

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  • Documents and certificates
  • Description

    Description of IBGT Module MIFA-HB17SA-075N

    The MIFA family of medium power IGBT modules has a standard industrial housing with a base width of 34 mm, making it one of the most widely used and proven IGBT packages in the world. The widespread use of this form factor allows to use these modules in existing equipment without requiring any additional design changes. Mechanical ruggedness, high thermal cycling capacity and pressure contact design guarantee the reliability and long service life of the devices.

    MIFA modules are designed on the basis of modern Trench FS IGBT chips with high dynamic and static characteristics. The MIFA family currently covers the ICnom range from 75 to 200 amperes for VCES of 1200 and 1700V.

    Customers can choose various types of connection schemes – half-bridge, low chopper and high chopper (HB, LC, HC indexes in the name of the device, respectively).

    It is easy to mount the module thanks to the standardized housing and the pressure contact design.

    The MIFA-type IGBT modules have a copper baseplate that ensures optimal heat distribution and dissipation.

    Dual-channel DI28-17-E-2 drivers are optionally available for the modules. They can be installed directly on the module or connected via a wired connection.

    The assembly process of IGBT Proton-Electrotex is certified for compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EcoVadis standards and has passed audit by the world's leading companies.

    High performance, reliability and durability make MIFA modules a good choice for industrial drives, servo systems, electric vehicles, renewable energy, UPS, power grids and railroad transportation.

    In addition, Proton-Electrotex offers wide opportunities for products customization according to each customer’s requirements for technical specifications, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department to learn more.

  • Applications

    Applications of IGBT Module MIFA-HB17SA-075N

    The modules are designed to switch high-power loads in converters, low and medium power electric motors.

     Main applications of IGBT Module MIFA-HB17SA-075N:

    • AC motor drives
    • Voltage inverters for solar panels
    • Industrial air conditioning systems
    • High power converters and UPS
    • Wind turbine inverters
    • Welding
    • Induction heating and melting of metals

     Features of IGBT Module MIFA-HB17SA-075N:

    • Increased operating temperature Tjop = 150°C
    • Low total dynamic losses
    • Low saturation voltage values
    • Effective switching frequency up to 10 kHz
    • Insulation breakdown voltage 4 kV
    • Storage temperature Tstg down to -55 °C
    • Copper base
    • Al2O3 DBC substrate
    • Ultrasonic welding of power leads
    • Welding with copper wire
    • Improved resistance to thermal cycling
    • ROHS compliance



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