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Heatsink O271 for stud diodes and thyristors


Pressure Differential [Pa]: 25
Heat resistance Air speed is 6 m/sec [°С/W]: 0,236
Heat resistance (Dissipation capacity) natural cooling [°С/W (W)]: 0,710 (130)
Overall dimensions without current lead (width/length/height) [mm]: 110x110x100
Screw hole diameter (Diameter of the contact surface) [mm]: M20x1,5
Weight (without current lead) [кg]: 1,539 (1,5)

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  • Documents and certificates
  • Description


    Heatsinks O271 are designed for power diodes and thyristors in SА1 stud housings.

    The dissipation power with natural cooling is 130 W. This type of cooling benefits from simple design, minimal noise, high reliability, low cost, easy operation and repairs. Alternatively, dissipation power may be increased with forced cooling in more intensive operation modes.

    The heatsink is made of aluminum reducing its weight to only 1.54 kg including current lead.

    The heatsink is mounted using a threaded connection. To ensure optimal heat dissipation values it is necessary to maintain specified torque moment.

    Compact size makes O271 a good choice for operation in limited space.

    Proton-Electrotex designs and manufactures own heatsinks for its semiconductors, allowing the company to offer efficient solutions for reliable heat removal.

    Proton-Electrotex is able to select suitable heatsink model for specific operation modes on customer’s request. It is also possible to order complete, ready-to-use power semiconductors in assembly with the heatsink.

    To buy the O271 heatsink, request the price or a technical advice please contact our sales department by phone +7 4862 440455 or email marketing@proton-electrotex.com.



    • industry standard dimensions 110x110x100 mm;
    • easy installation;
    • can be used in various environment conditions;
    • has a low pressure differential with forced cooling 25 Pa.
  • Applications

    These heatsinks are used for cooling of stud diodes and thyristors.

  • Additional Information

    Heatsink numbering guide:







    Air heatsink

    Design version


    Length, mm


    Ambient conditions



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