Technical Seminar of Proton-Electrotex

29 May 2014
The specialists from technical departments of Proton-Electrotex have organized the special seminar on purpose of exchanging the information about the chosen topics and discussing vital questions.
In order to combine both pleasure and work the seminar was held outdoors on the nature.
Design engineer Mr. Alexander Pisarev have presented the report “The Perspective Work Directions of Researching and Development Department in 2014-2015”.
The report was about the perspective developments of power bipolar semiconductor devices produced by Proton-Electrotex with optimal combination of static and dynamic characteristics, improved reliability and expanded sphere of secure operation. Mr. Pisarev explained that such values can be achieved with the help of proton irradiation, sintering, forming of n’-buffer, etc.
The second report was presented by Mr. Ivan Bychkov, product-manager of IGBT Department: “Power IGBT Modules of Proton-Electrotex. The Perspectives of the Direction and Production Approaches.” Mr. Bychkov presented the strategy of the company for the IGBT developing, the advantages of this direction and as well the finished line of the developed devices (34-62 mm).
Summing up the results of the meeting the participants noted that the event was useful for understanding the priorities and goals of the company and for the collective desiding the vital questions. All the participants asked for the repeat the seminar and make it traditional.
The next seminar is planned for this summer.
Technical Seminar of Proton-Electrotex Technical Seminar of Proton-Electrotex Technical Seminar of Proton-Electrotex Technical Seminar of Proton-Electrotex                                                           Technical Seminar of Proton-Electrotex Technical Seminar of Proton-Electrotex Technical Seminar of Proton-Electrotex



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