Head of Scientific and Technical Centre of Proton-Electrotex JSC will read a lecture on European Power Electronics conference (EPE-2011, Birmingham).

9 August 2011

14th European Power Electronics conference will take place in Birmingham, UK from 30 July to 01 August, where Head of Scientific and Technical Centre of Proton-Electrotex JSC Alexey Surma has been invited to participate as lecturer.
Title of his lecture is ‘One more way to increase the recovery softness of fast high-voltage diodes'. It is based on experimental data and has theoretical and practical appeal:
- There is a new way of increasing the softness of reverse recovery (S-factor) of high-voltage p+-p-n--n'-n+ diode using local reduction of life time in n part of layer adjacent to n+.
- The possibility to reach S-factor above 2 for high-voltage diodes (Vbr ~ 4500-4800V) of such structure with snubberless recovery in circuit with inductive load and roll-off speed more than 1500A/µs was experimentally proved.

Reference: EPE conference (European Power Electronics) - is an international event in power electronics industry, where specialist form leading manufacturing companies discuss the reports on modern technologies, latest tendencies in production of power semiconductor devices and share operational experience. Conference is intended for researchers, developers and specialists and always holds in the biggest university towns.



Address: 19 Leskova Str., Orel, 302040, Russia, room 27, off. 14

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