New Fast Thyristors for Frequency Converters of Induction Heating and Metal Melting Units

29 May 2014

Proton-Electrotex developed and started mass production of the thyristors TFI393-2500-28 with the 100 mm diameter of semiconductor element.
This thyristor will allow to receive new advantages while projecting the invertors in the induction heating and metal melting systems by means of increasing the commutating power on about 50% in comparison with its closest competitor – thyristor TFI373-1600-28.
Concurrently with thyristor TFI393-2500-28, thyristor TFI393Ag-2500-28 was put into the product line. This thyristor with 100 mm diameter of semiconductor element was produced with the help of perspective technology of connection the silicon wafer with molybdenum disk – the sintering technology.

The technology of proton irradiation in combination with the new sintering technology provides the exclusively perfect correlation of operating speed (Turn-off time tq ) and power losses in conducting state ( Voltage drop – VTM).
Usage of the sintering technology allowed to increase the thyristor resistance to electro-thermocycling on more than 30% in comparison with the analogical thyristors with semiconductor elements produced according to the alloying technology.

As well thyristor TFI393Ag-2500-28 has the following advantages in comparison with TFI393-2500-28:

- Thermal resistance (Rthjc) is decreased at 20%

- Surge current(ITSM) is increased on 5%

Besides the weak temperature dependence of reverse recovery charge Qrr is typical for thyristors TFI393-2500-28 and TFI393Ag-2500-28. And the precision grouping of these thyristors by Qrr and VTM is possible what makes the thyristors adaptive for application in serial and parallel applications.
While making the purchasing order we ask you to point additional requirements for the selection of thyristors in groups and their quantity in the groups if necessary.



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