R&D Centre “Proton - Electrotex” starts developing of new contemporary measuring systems

11 May 2011

Company specialists have begun to develop the family of measuring equipment for power semiconductor devices. The first project , automatic testing system (ATSM) started operating in the beginning of this year.

The "Proton- Electrotex" company's management officially adopted decision to allocate funds for large-scale works and creation of different measuring systems.

  • 1. Static characteristics measuring system for power semiconductor devices.

This system consists of the following units:

  • Vtm measuring unit;
  • Blocking characteristics measuring unit;
  • Gate characteristics measuring unit;
  • Commutation unit;
  • Interface unit;

Customer is able to buy a required set of units. For example Vtm measuring unit consists of 1kA basic cells. If customer does not intend to measure devices at the forwarding current of more than 2kA, customer can buy only two basic cells.

Commutation unit helps customer to adjust measurement process in the correct sequence for required devices (disc devices, modules of semiconductor elements).

Ability of visual control is planned in the interface unit - monitor to display measured characteristics and graphs.  It is easy to adjust the system with the help of interface unit. This unit provides a convenient means of control in manual mode and full set of all possible interfaces to link with the computer or for inclusion in automated systems.

Main advantages of this system:

  • Individual assembling on demand
    (due to modular principle);
  • Reliability and high performance
    (through the use of modern components produced by world-wide leading manufacturers);
  • Increased functionality
    (manual and automatic use);
  • Economy.

Production of the first sample is scheduled for February - March 2012.

 2. Future projects for 2012/13:

  • QRR measuring unit;
  • dV/dt measuring unit;
  • Clamping systems for different forces with temperature stabilization unit;
  • tq measuring unit;

In the longer term - creation of the expanded range of measuring equipment for all basic needs, including IGBT.



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