A Brief Report about the Results of the Participating in the Exhibition “Energetics and Electrotechnics – 2011”

6 June 2011

About 250 of different companies took part in the exhibition. Their production was exhibited in 3 pavilions of the exhibition center "LENEXPO". The booth of our company was visited by more then 200 representatives of different companies.

The negotiations about the deliveries to Russian companies, the Czech Republic, China were successfully held. There were also negotiations with the companies which realizes the development and production of applications on the object of "Olimpostroy", new  directions of cooperation were  detected.

Traditionally on the booth our visitors were consulted by our leading managers who presented new serial tendencies in the production such as :

-         In 2010 started the production run of high voltage thyristors and diodes (up to 6,5 kV ) and high voltage devices with precise selected characteristics of reverse recovery for operating in series assembly (or complete ready for usage stacks of such devices).

-         Development and mass production of thyristor TFI473-1600 with 80 mm semiconductor element as the basis, which has unique characteristics in comparison with the best foreign analogs: voltage is up to 4,3 kV, average current is 1,6 kA, turn-off time is less than 80 µs, reverse recovery charge (125°C, di/dt = -50 A/µs) is max 1000 µC with possibility of precise selection in separate lots with less than 2% variation.

Separately a new development was presented such as Thyristor stacks КТ.5.11-800 for application in high voltage soft starters  of asynchronous motors (up to 6 kV) of power from 630 kW.

In accordance with the results and the discussions following after them a considerable interest to the production and technical service of JSC "Proton-Electrotex" must be notified. Taking into account that fact that the quality of produced devices matches to the acknowledged foreign analogues, and in the same time the delivery time and the price of our devices win in the comparison. Many companies are making decision to cooperate with our company as the main supplier.



Address: 19 Leskova Str., Orel, 302040, Russia, room 27, off. 14

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