Proton-Electrotex mini-football team won the bronze of the Electronics Cup

16 July 2018

On Saturday, July 14, in Moscow in the "Spartak Academy of F.F. Cherenkov" took place the Cup of Electronics in mini-football, in which Proton-Electrotex team took part. In total 16 teams of companies working in the field of development, production and distribution of consumer and power electronics took part in the tournament. Among them are well-known Electrolux, Phillips, Samsung, LG and Cisco.

     In the first round of the Cup all participants were divided into four groups. The team of Proton-Electrotex was in the group with the teams Electrolux, TPV and RPKB.

As a result, after the first round, Proton-Electrotex team went to the playoffs of the Silver Cup from the third place in the group, where the participants had to compete for the final.

     In the first game of the playoffs, the players met with rivals from the Cisco team, and in a stubborn struggle, showing the character and the will to win, they beat them 2-0. This victory gave Proton-Electrotex team a chance to compete for the final. After that the team had to meet with the players of the company Radiopriborsnab. The winner of this match was supposed to reach the final of the Cup. The game turned out tense, as both teams were aimed at winning, and no one wanted to give it to the opponent without a fight.

     As a result, luck proved to be on the side of the opponents of Proton-Electrotex, and the final whistle marked the victory of the team Radiopriborsnab with a score of 1-0. Proton-Electrotex team had to fight for the third place.

     In the last game of the tournament, Proton-Electrotex rivals in the match for the third place turned out to be the representatives of Samsung. After conducting the entire tournament at a high level and showing a very good game, Proton-Electrotex team won a confident victory with a score of 3:0. The bronze of the tournament found its owners.

     As a result, Proton-Electrotex team took 3rd place in the Cup, and two of its players were recognized as the best in the tournament in the category "Best Striker" and "Best Penalty". It was the day of Proton-Electrotex!

     Proton-Electrotex team expresses gratitude to the management of the company, as well as to all competitors for the excellent game and character shown, to the organizers of Pinkov Sports Projects for the high level of the event, and the sponsors of the Association of Developers and Electronics Manufacturers and ExpoElectronica and ElectronTechExpo for sponsoring the Electronics Cup.


About Proton-Electrotex, JSC:

Proton-Electrotex is the Russian leader in designing and manufacturing power semiconductors including diodes, thyristors and IGBT modules as well as heatsinks, voltage suppressors, resistors and measurement equipment. The company is located in Orel city and ships its products through its partners and distributors all over the world. Please visit website for more details about Proton-Electrotex and its offer of products and services.


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