When new good becomes a tradition: the regular technical seminar of “Proton-Electrotex”, JSC.

21 July 2014

The subject seminars have already become a tradition of “Proton-Electrotex”, JSC. The specialists from different departments of “Proton-Electrotex”, JSC participate in such seminars. The event takes place outdoors and allows the specialists of technical services, of quality department, of sales and marketing department discuss current questions.

This time the specialists discussed the results of external customers’ audits and promising directions of developments of new bipolar power modules and as well the modernization of those which are already in serial production.

The head of technical documents group – Mrs. Polyakova Tamara presented a report on the first subject. She mentioned the basic legal requirements to power semiconductor devices and made an accent on the requirements to reliability of the devices. The standards of IGBT production raise a live discussion. The IGBT modules are the new products not only for Proton-Electrotex but also for the whole Russian manufacturing. The Russian legal basis which makes the standards to IGBT modules is not completed yet and that is why there is a necessity to apply to IEC.

The report about the developments of power semiconductor bipolar modules was presented by design engineer Mr. Alexey Filatchev. The people from sales and marketing department met positively the news about putting the new power bipolar module with isolated base plate 50 mm into serial production. Such modules (C1 type) are produced on the base of the similar module (C type) which is produced by the Company for many years. However the new module has the following advantages:

-       The heat resistance is reduced from 0.130°C/W to 0.065°C/W and it allows increase the energy efficiency of converters;

-       Overall dimensions correspond to the dimension of European analogues and that is why the customers will have no problems while replacing the foreign analogues with the devices of Proton-Electrotex.

Besides Alexey presented the principally new development of constructional department – power bipolar thyristor module (H0 type). This module consists of two thyristors with antiparallel connection. Such module may successfully replace two disc thyristors and be used in projecting of soft-starters. The use of H0 modules allows to improve the weight-overall values of soft-starters and to reduce the costs of its production and as well to increase the reliability on account of using less quantity of details.

In the process of public discussion of these questions a lot of important and interesting opinions were presented which will be taken into account in the further developments and work.

The seminar undoubtedly has become one more event for improving the quality of power semiconductor devices produced by Proton-Electrotex.

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