ATSM: Robot measures modules

2 March 2011

Engineers of "Proton-Electrotex" have designed and put into operation new testing system for power semiconductor modules - ATSM. Full automation is main feature of this system. "Human factor" is completely excluded from testing process: operator has to load recently assembled modules, and unload just measured and labeled ones.
ATSM makes following measurements:
high-voltage isolation test; 
blocking voltage, gate characteristics and peak-on-state voltage at the room temperature, and at the Tjmax.
Inside the system modules are moved by three-axis robot-manipulator, which was designed by engineers of "Proton-Electrotex". Productivity of ATSM is up to 1000 modules per day. Every module is labeled by ATSM, this label means that quality control was made in completely automatic mode.






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