New Ways to Produce Fast Power Thyristors

9 October 2015

Dmitri Titushkin / "Proton-Electrotex", Process Engineer
Alexey Surma / "Proton-Electrotex", Head of research and development center
Anatoly Chernikov / "Proton-Electrotex", Deputy Technical Director for New Technology
Sergei Matyukhin / "State Scientific Production University"

The article covers new methods utilized at manufacturing of fast power thyristors by means of low-temperature junction of silicon chips with molybdenum discs by sintering of silver paste. This approach unites all advantages of free floating silicon and siluminium soldering technologies. This method makes it possible to produce fast thyristors with semiconductor chip diameter of 100mm and more. Moreover, devices have improved thermal cycling capacity, lower thermal resistance and advanced recovery characteristics.

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