New Symmetric Voltage Suppressor with Peak Pulse Power and Increased Power Capacity

28 December 2012

Alexey Surma/"Proton-Electrotex",Head of Research and Development Center
Alexander Stavtsev/ "Proton-Electrotex", Technical Director

Anatoly Chernikov/"Proton-Electrotex", Deputy Technical Director for New Technology

Design features and technologies of symmetric silicon voltage suppressors (SVS) with increased admissible pulse power and power capacity are being discussed. An improved semiconductor element is suggested, which contains hidden n’ – layers with decreased resistivity constant localized in active area of semiconductor element, where a full double-sided heat-sink cooling is possible. By method of computer simulation and experimentally studied were the characteristic features of SVS depending on location and other characteristics of hidden n’ – layers. It’s shown that new devices have low dynamic resistance of voltage-current characteristics, admissible pulse dissipation power over 60kW per 1 cm² of active area and power capacity about 50 J per 1 cm² of active area. 

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