Quarry and mining equipment

This segment includes complex heavy vehicles or mechanisms built for a specific purpose. This equipment is developed taking into account the specifics of each application to perform specific tasks.

Technical parameters and features of this equipment directly depend on the scope and specifics of the task. Critical applications require robust high-tech special equipment.

Specialized equipment is used in all industrial sectors and directly affects the quality of the manufactured products. It is widely used in various fields, and there are many classifications by purpose, capabilities, functionality. The most common and generally accepted is the division of technology according to industry application. Special equipment is used to solve specific problems in a variety of areas: construction, agriculture, utilities, etc.

Agricultural machinery is used during processing, harvesting, and transportation of harvested products. In addition to traditional combines and tractors, these include milk tankers, seeders and mowers. In recent years, special equipment with interchangeable equipment has been widely used to perform a variety of operations. Road and utility vehicles are used to help municipal services perform efficiently. Such equipment makes it easier and faster to maintain the city territory in order. It includes sweepers and watering machines, equipment for the repair and construction of roads, and a number of other devices.

Another popular business area is construction and manufacturing machinery. Such equipment is designed for extraction and transportation of minerals, construction projects of varying complexity and scale. Bulldozers and excavators, dump trucks, cranes, loaders, etc. are used for this

Products of Proton-Electrotex are successfully used in various types of specialized equipment. Phase-control thyristors and rectifying diodes are used in traction drive of mining dump trucks. IGBT modules, rectifying diodes and phase-control thyristors are used to drive moving mechanisms like conveyor belts or lifting mechanisms. IGBT modules and phase-control thyristors are used for pumping station control and monitoring equipment.

Power semiconductors manufactured by Proton-Electrotex meet the highest requirements for durability, quality and precision. This is especially important for the harsh conditions where specialized equipment is used.

Proton-Electrotex has created a specialized laboratory of operational reliability that is mainly used to conduct classification and periodic tests, tests for reliability and to determine the ultimate useful life of the devices, allowing the company to produce high quality power semiconductor devices.

All manufacturing processes at Proton-Electrotex are organized in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).

Power semiconductors come in a variety of designs. Proton-Electrotex produces multiple types of semiconductors for vessels with electric drives in stud, disc and module designs.

Besides, Proton-Electrotex offers wide customization opportunities, taking into account individual customer requirements for technical parameters, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department for advice or leave your request online.




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