Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas business is a branch of the heavy industry that includes prospecting for gas and oil fields, conducting surveys, drilling wells, extracting oil and gas, organizing the transportation of extracted resources by building pipelines.

These tasks complement each other and form one of the largest industries in the world. Oil and gas products are the most important goods on the fuel and energy markets.

The oil & gas industry places high demands on the equipment since it operates in extreme conditions. Power semiconductors are widely used there due to their continuous power conversion properties. The oil & gas industry usually uses bipolar devices like diodes and thyristors.

Products of Proton-Electrotex are successfully used in the oil and gas sector in the control stations of service systems, pump control stations, multilevel converters for oil transfer systems.

Power semiconductor devices manufactured by Proton-Electrotex meet all the requirements to durability, quality and precision. This is especially important for the harsh conditions of oil and gas production. Proton-Electrotex has a dedicated laboratory of operational reliability which is responsible to carry out classification and periodic tests, tests for reliability and the ultimate useful life of the devices.

It is important to note that all production processes at Proton-Electrotex are organized in strict compliance to the requirements of the quality management system (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).

Power semiconductors come in a variety of designs. Proton-Electrotex manufactures semiconductor devices for the oil and gas industry in stud, disc and module design.

Proton-Electrotex offers a wide range of customization options based on individual customer requirements to technical parameters, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department for more info or leave us your message online.


  • СPower semiconductors for oil & gas industry
  • Strengths of devices made by Proton-Electrotex:
    • In-house development
    • Complete production cycle
    • Close cooperation with suppliers
    • Ability to make custom products



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