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Thyristor module MT4-540-14-A2


VDRM/ VRRM [V]: 1400
IFAV/ITAV (Tс,°C) [A]: 540(85)
VFM/VTM (Tc=25°С) [V]: 1.50
IFM/ITM (Tc=25°С) [A]: 1570
VT(TO)/Tjmax [V]: 0.876
rT/Tjmax [mΩ]: 0.374
tq [μs]: 160
Tjmax [°С]: 130
Rthjc [°С/W]: 0.0550
Package: M.A2
Baseplate width/length [mm]: 60/124
Design: dual component
Type: thyristor-thyristor

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  • Documents and certificates
  • Description

    Thyristor modules are designed for energy converters and other DC and AC systems of various power electrical installations.

    Proton-Electrotex offers a wide lineup of single- and dual-component thyristor modules for voltages VDRM/ VRRM from 100 to 6500 V and currents ITAV from 115 А to 1280 А.

    This module has an industry-standard A2-type housing with baseplate size of 60x124 mm.

    All thyristor modules by Proton-Electrotex have a pressure-contact design that ensures high resistance to cyclic loads and easy mounting.

    The modules have an electrically insulated copper baseplate that ensures optimal heat distribution and dissolving. Besides, it is possible to mount several modules on the same heatsink without any additional insulation, significantly reducing the assembly size.

    The modules have a high electric and thermal cycling capability meaning high reliability and long lifetime in intensive operation modes.

    Dual-component thyristor modules can have several circuit schemes designated as MT3, MT4 or MT5 in the product number. Electric layout of the modules is shown in attached datasheets.

    Today Proton-Electrotex is one of the leading manufacturers of power modules in Europe. The manufacturing process is certified for compliance to UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EcoVadis standards and passed audit of the largest end-user companies in the world.

    Besides, Proton-Electrotex offers wide choice of customization options according to each customer’s requirements to technical parameters, connections and appearance of the modules. For example, the company offers modules based on fast diodes and thyristors, modules with increased isolation voltage and assemblies on heatsinks. Please contact our sales department to learn more.

  • Applications
    • Rectifier bridges
    • AC regulators
    • DC motor controls
    • Power sources
    • Electric drives
    • Soft starters
    • Welding machines
    • Frequency converters



Address: 19 Leskova Str., Orel, 302040, Russia, room 27, off. 14

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