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VRRM [V min]: 400
VRRM [V max]: 1800
IFAV [A]: 320
Tс: 115
VFM (Tc=25°С) [V]: 1.40
IFM (Tc=25°С) [A]: 1005
VF(TO)/Tjmax [V]: 0.853
rT/Tjmax [mΩ]: 0.524
Tjmax [°С]: 150
Rthjc [°С/W]: 0.085
Package: D.SB1
Thread/ Thread length/The size of the key: -24-1,5/19/SW41
Design: stud
Type: avalanche

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  • Description

    Low static losses. High value of reverse dissipation power. Tjmax = 150°C.

  • Applications

    Avalanche diodes are designed for general applications up to 500 Hz. Anode and cathode are flat bases. Polarity of the diode is marked by a polarity symbol on its housing. Operation principle of avalanche diodes is based on the effect of reversible breakdown of the p-n junction under reverse voltage. As soon as the voltage reaches certain value set by design each avalanche diode, current sharply rises while voltage remains the same. Main role of avalanche diodes is protection of power circuits from overvoltages.

    Applications: rectifiers for electrolysis and galvanization, DC power sources, uncontrolled and semicontrolled rectifier bridges.

Recommended heatsinks

О181, О281



Address: 19 Leskova Str., Orel, 302040, Russia, room 27, off. 14

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