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VRRM [V min]: 200
VRRM [V max]: 400
IFAV [A]: 11500
Tс: 85
VFM (Tc=25°С) [V]: 1.05
IFM (Tc=25°С) [A]: 6300
VF(TO)/Tjmax [V]: 0.73
rT/Tjmax [mΩ]: 0.026
Tjmax [°С]: 180
Rthjc [°С/W]: 0.0058
Package: D.W1
Design: disc
Type: welding

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  • Description

    Features of welding diodes:
    - High maximal junction temperature (Tjmax) allows such diodes conduct higher current for a given cooling system
    - Low static losses
    - High resistance to electric and thermal cycles
    - Two-sided cooling

  • Applications

    Welding diodes (with or without housing) are mostly used in arc welding machines requiring high current amperage. Operation in welding machines is characterized by short impulses of current causing the semiconductor structure to heat and then cool down, as a result of limitations of welding machine duty cycle (modes "operation - cooling").



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