Power stacks

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Power stacks

Type of converting: DC-AC
Uinput [V]: 5500
Iout [A]: 1844
Technology: IGBT
Type of cooling: Forced liquid cooling

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  • Documents and certificates
  • Description

    The Power Unit is intended for use as a part of a three-phase three-level voltage inverter with T-NPC topology, which converts direct voltage into regulated alternating voltage as a part of a high-voltage frequency converter.

    It is possible to increase the rated power of the unit.

    • High design reliability and serviceability (module replacement time is 30 min)

    • Power scalability in parallel connection

    • High power density (11 kW/l) due to the use of the Press-Pack IGBT transistors and the Press-Pack FRD diodes in disc design with the double-sided liquid cooling of own production

    • Transistors and Diodes as a part of the unit provide the maximum output power of one phase of the inverter of up to 5 MW

    • Optimized cooling circuit topology

    • Galvanic isolation of gate circuits

    • Isolated driver power supply via a current loop

    • Dielectric strength of 10.25 kV (RMS)

    All power stacks except semiconductor switches can be equipped with snubber circuits, resistive dividers, drivers, current, voltage and temperature sensors. Proton-Electrotex can design and assemble power stacks customized per individual inquiry.

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  • Applications
    • the Frequency Converters for the propulsion engines of the ice-breaker ships;

    • the Frequency Converters for the steerable thrusters of the high ice-class ships (gas carriers, tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, supply ships, etc.)

    • the Frequency Converters for steerable thrusters of the offshore platforms with the dynamic positioning

    • the Frequency Converters for the engines of the gas and oil pumping units

    • the Frequency Converters for metal-rolling mills

    • the Frequency Converters for the main circulation pumps of the nuclear power plants



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