The company "Proton-Electrotex" is successfully engaged in the development and production of One Channel Thyristor driver and Dual Channel IGBT Driver.

 One Channel Thyristor driver

One channel Thyristor Driver by Proton-Electrotex is a single-channel thyristor driver designed to control thyristors with a voltage class up to 1.8 kV and current up to 5000 A.



  • Single-channel thyristor driver
  • Can be soldered directly onto a printed circuit board
  • Isolation by transformer
  • Dielectric test voltage 3 kV AC
  • Made to drive thyristors up to 1.8 kV voltage class
  • Ultra-compact design 54x32x26 mm
  • High output impulse current 3 A

Typical application are thyristor switches, pulse discharge devices, soft starters for asynchronous motors, rectifiers.

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Dual Channel IGBT Driver

Dual Channel IGBT Driver is a plug and play driver, designed especially for 34, 62 mm IGBT modules with voltage class up to 1.7 kV.


  • Dual Channel IGBT driver
  • Blocking voltage up to 1700 V
  • Peak gate current +/- 8A
  • Output gate voltage +15/-8 V
  • Interface 15 V logic level
  • Half bridge and separate mode
  • 2 level and multi-level topologies
  • Dielectric test voltage 4 kV AC
  • Isolated DC/DC converter
  • Switching frequency up to 15 kHz
  • Short circuit protection with soft shut down
  • Supply under voltage protection
  • Compact design 93x60x25 mm

Typical applications are solar and wind power converters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), electric drive vehicles, railway, AC motor drivers, frequency converters, active rectifiers.

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