IGBT modules 

Medium power IGBT modules features and industry-standard housing from manufacturer.

High performance, reliability and durability make the MIAA modules a good choice for using in industrial drives, servo systems, electric transport, renewable energy, UPS, power grids and railroad transport.

In addition, Proton-Electrotex offers wide opportunities for products customization according to each customer’s requirements for technical specifications, connections and appearance of devices. Please contact the sales department to learn more.

Product status
ICnom [A]
Chip technology
(width/length) [mm]
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IGBT MIHM-SS17CA-2400N Item added to favorites Product status: Coming soon VCES [V]:1700 ICnom [A]:2400 Chip technology:Trench-FS Configuration:Single Switch Qualification:Traction Housing
(width/length) [mm]:
MIHM (140/190)
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Part numbering guide:

 MIAA  -  HB 12 FA - 200 N
1   2 3 4   5 6
  1. Package Type:

MIAA – 62 mm

MIFA – 34 mm

MIDA - 62 mm

MIHA - 62 mm

MIHM - 140mm

MISM - 140mm

MIHV - 140mm

    2. Circuit Diagram:

HB – half bridge

HC – high side chopper

LC – low side chopper    

DS - Double Switch

SS - Single Switch

    3. Voltage class, VCES/100:
12 – 1200 (V); 17 – 1700 (V)

    4. IGBT chip modification, including production technology

    5. Module rated current

    6. Climatic version

IGBT Module Manufacturing Technologies

Specifics of Using IGBT Modules Produced by PROTON-ELECTROTEX



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